'Demographic Colours' is a project where a series of works are being created by taking data from the UK Census for different demographics from each of the UK's unitary and county authorities. 

These statistics are then manipulated into RGB colour codes and geographically placed to create mapped portraits of the UK for demographics such as age, gender, ethnicity and employment.


Taking the data available for age in Manchester from the 2011 census:

- There are 197,115 people aged 0-24 (39% of the population)

- There are 240,232 people aged 25 to 59 (48% of the population)

- There are 65,780 people aged over 60 (13% of the population)

This is then applied to the RGB code, which has a total of 255.


The first colour code therefore is 100 (255 x 39%), 122 (255 x 48%) and 33 (255 x 13%).

There are 6 possible combinations for an RGB code, which results in a colour scheme like the following, which is then plotted on to a map of the UK: