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Demographic Colours:

'Demographic Colours' is an ongoing project where population-level data is manipulated into RGB colour values.

These values create palettes for each unitary authority, council or constituency which are then mapped to create geographic demographic portraits of the UK. 

Data used includes census demographics such as age, gender, ethnicity and approximated social grade, and more recently, COVID-19. vaccination take-up and general election results.

Follow the Demographic Colours project on Instagram.

Image: 'Ethnicity (UK, 2011). Palette 1. Scheme 6 of 6.'

Klick Oxford-Leiden:

Klick Oxford-Leiden was an Anglo-Dutch collective of young artists from the twinned cities of Oxford and Leiden. 

Formed in 2015 to create a programme of activity celebrating 70 years of the Oxford-Leiden twinning link, the group organised a series of exhibitions in the UK and the Netherlands throughout 2016.

The artists in the collective were - Samuel Harriman, Tamsin Corrigan, Emma Mayoux-Andrews and Lauren Baldwin (UK) and Hannah Jacques, Georgie Louise Harris, Matthee De Bruin and Emma Van Noort (Netherlands). 

The project culminated in a public mosaic being installed in Oxford in 2017, designed by Tamsin Corrigan, Lauren Baldwin and Emma Van Noort.

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